A Look at How the Brain Rewires Itself, with Consistent Practice of Mindfulness



These findings are exciting, Secular Mindfulness is scientific based, and not some magic booh-gah-booh. I want to share evidence that brain MRIs show  after an individual has participated in an 8 week Mindfulness Stress Reduction Based (MSBR) program.  Here are the findings:

  1. The pre-frontal cortex increases its size.  The part of the brain associated with higher order  functions such as awareness, organization, meta-cognition, concentration, reason,  becomes thicker.
  2. The amygdala decreases its size. The amygdala is the part of the brain associated with fear and emotion.

However, look at this:

After an individual have practiced Mindfulness meditation for more than 8 weeks, approximately 3 years, the brain MRIs show different results.  The pre-frontal cortex returns to its normal size. It seems the brain received the “memo” through consistent meditation that the new way of reasoning is the new norm.  Once the brain readjusts to new habits and new thinking, it performs the practice of Mindfulness meditation without effort, and this is living and scientific evidence of neuroplasticity at any age. These results are very encouraging since this practice is demonstrating that it has the ability to improve individuals quality of life.






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