Serenity In Times of Chaos

In three weeks, there are so many changes, executive orders that the media mentions, new appointees, new legislation passed in Congress and the Senate, and these changes are taking place at the same time we are distracted by the tweets of President-elect Donald Trump. It is devastating to see how the paradigm of civil rights and the laws that protect current structures are crumbling.

Truly, the chaos in nature and the environment reflect what we carry inside (our souls): extreme polarization, much pain, and much fear. We have not understood that where we put our attention, energy, and thoughts is what we see manifesting in our reality. If we focus on our fears, and our pain, we will see the manifestation of exactly what we do not want. We attract the opposite. We generate around 80,000 thoughts per day. Our thoughts are almost always the same every day, repetitive. My people, we must begin to change that routine and generate 2 or 3 positive affirmations daily when the fear and pain of what is happening to us appears: “I am a divine creation, a piece of God, How could I be undeserved?” (Wayne Dyer), “I can achieve everything I put in my mind, because I know I’m never alone” (Wayne Dyer). “In the midst of movement and chaos, calm is still inside me” (Deepak Chopra).

This practice empowers us and it releases us, because when we feel fear we are empowering the figures that represent fear and pain for us. NOW MORE than ever, we must lift and change our vibrations of fear and pain to vibrations of love, peace and gratitude. It is not easy to give thanks for unpleasant situations, but we must be thankful because once the unpleasant situation manifests it gives us the opportunity to clean it with the vibration of love. By elevating our vibrations, we will be in better disposition to elevate others and to promote the changes in society that we want to see.

Here is a list of things we can do to combat the onslaught of the new administration:

  • Do not argue with individuals who support hatred and division, that does not work. Let’s send them our compassion.
  • Focus on the practical: the laws, the regulations, not the rhetoric of hatred. We need to understand how changes in laws affect us so we can effectively change them in our favor in the legislative process, with the corresponding boards or committees.
  • Keep a positive message: the new government wants to divide us with hatred, and fear to have fertile ground for the changes they are looking to implement.
  • Let’s take care of ourselves.
  • Do not pay attention to “tweets”, that is the strategy used to distract us from the approval of laws and regulations that directly impact us in a negative way.
  • Fight, fight and defend what is aligned with our beliefs and source of love.
  • Fight by changing the social dynamics in the dialogue, by looking at the legislation or policy and saying how that policy/ legislation is not conducive to our highest good or wellbeing.

LET’S LIFT OURSELVES in harmony and with the vibration of love in these difficult moments.


Maria Santiago

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