Today We Proudly Announce that We Became An International Business joining SHEconomy GLOBAL after being invited by Dr. Harbeen Arora.

Dr. Harbeen Arora
Global Chairperson, ALL Ladies League (ALL) & Women Economic Forum (WEF)
Founder President, WICCI, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Founder, SHEconomy
About SHEconomy: Toward Everywoman a Businesswoman
With the vision of “Everywoman a Businesswoman,” SHEconomy is here to ignite the spark of entrepreneurship in every woman’s heart, spurring her to think and dream big, by providing an enabling ecosystem for her to sustain and scale her business with global reach and influence. The power of technology and digital inclusion can indeed be harnessed exponentially for the economic independence of every woman in every household across the world.
MISSION: To empower and enable every woman to SELL, SCALE, SUCCEED, SUSTAIN.
This is a momentous opportunity where every woman in business can now sell, scale, succeed and sustain like never before. And in doing so, she can also help another woman to become a successful businesswoman – as potential partner, vendor, supplier – who she can also find and connect on the portal. We welcome all women and energetic entrepreneurs to join us in this gratifying journey of creating value and feeling valued.
Our invitation:
Inviting you to SHEconomy: a global e-commerce platform by women for all
Dear Soul Sister Maria 
I am approaching you to seek your thoughts and participation in the new e-commerce portal, SHEconomy, that we announced at the Women Economic Forum (WEF) in Egypt 2020. 
While we had planned to launch this platform early next year, we have advanced our plans given the impending impact of the pandemic. We are confident that this medium will help women entrepreneurs across the world increase both the top-line and bottom-line of their ventures thereby assisting them to tide through these difficult times.
SHEconomy is the World’s First E-Commerce Platform for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Worldwide for Goods & Services.
SHEconomy is a ‘women only e-commerce platform’ — showcasing  and selling goods and services across a variety of verticals, sectors and categories. The vision is to create the world’s largest e-commerce platform only by women – but for everyone.
SHEconomy is driven by the Vision of “Everywoman a Businesswoman,” with a Mission to empower and enable women entrepreneurs to “Sell, Scale, Succeed, Sustain.”
Further, we not only want women listed on this platform to succeed globally, but also inspire other women across the world to take on entrepreneurship and believe in their creation, capabilities and ideas. Backed by the ALL Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum (WEF), our powerful global network is now also a powerful global marketplace; with continued conversations and community creating opportunities for constant learning, networking, mentoring, support and innovation.
We believe it’s high time that women across the world are empowered and supported with opportunities to succeed like never before, enabling parity and gender balance in trade and rights. We are dedicated to offering a platform for equal opportunity and righteous prosperity with global wealth creation for all through the agency of women.
We thus welcome women entrepreneurs and women owned businesses & organisations from across the world to display and sell both goods and services across a variety of verticals, sectors and categories. 
SHEconomy is envisaged as a B2B2C platform: it will not only enable women entrepreneurs to connect with customers and clients universally, as B2C; but also help connect to other women owned businesses and services as potential partners and collaborators, as B2B. 
We encourage you and women to also set up Trading Companies where you can buy from anywhere and anyone as aggregator and authorised resellers to sell on the platform.
As someone I truly believe in, I am personally inviting you to be among the first to enlist your products/services on the platform.
I would be delighted to hear from you. Your comments, suggestions and vital participation are much needed as we move ahead. We can further discuss anytime over a call as well.
Let’s ALL rise to the occasion and do as destiny bids to reshape the world with our inclusive vision and values for enterprise, equilibrium and equity leading to greater parity, peace and prosperity for All.

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